Samurai Sword – Something Special About The Blade

Japan is known for advancement in technology, simple life style and rich culture. When we talk about the Japanese culture, there are many things involved in it. Japanese dresses, food and the living style is popular, but we cannot forget the BladesPro. It is very important part of Japanese culture and tradition.

Samurai sword was the war weapon in the past, but now it has become the symbol of authority. Now a day, they are known for their sharp edges. Blade is the unique feature of samurai sword and they are of different kinds.

  • High carbon steel blade: It is very hard blade and considered very sharp too. However, it is not durable. It can be easily broken in a fight.
  • Low carbon steel blades: This type of blade was commonly used in the past in Samurai swords, as it was durable. It was not very sharp but samurai were able to fight many combats with it. However, with the passage of time it was use to get blunt.
  • Mixture blade: To overcome the problems of high carbon and low carbon steel blades, swords smith start using the both type of steel in making a single blade. The low carbon steel is used in the center of the blade, to enhance the durability of the samurai sword, while high carbon steel was used at the edge of blade to enhance the sharpness. However, making this kind of sword was not easy and only skilled smiths were able to make these swords.

Now a day, the practical use of samurai sword is nearly zero, as they are used for martial art training only, no sharp edges are required. However, people collecting samurai swords like to keep the original authentic versions on these master pieces. Samurai sword is a cultural symbol and it should be preserved in its original form.