Gorilla 8X8 Grow Tent: Make your Own Garden Indoors


If you have moved into a high rise building and live in a 25th story apartment, it must be frustrating for you for not being able to grow your own garden. But now, you can grow all fruits and vegetables inside a room in your apartment if you know the art of growing plants in water. Gorilla 8X8 grow tent, as the name suggests, is a shell or structure that will help you greatly in your endeavour.


Reasons why Gorilla 8X8 grow tent is the best

There are many types of grow tents being sold in the market. But Gorilla 8X8 grow tent is the first choice of a vast majority of customers desirous of growing garden indoors. This tent has dimensions of 8X8 and a height of 6 feet 7 inches. It is made up of canvas which is a very strong fabric. It is waterproof in nature to hold water inside without any leakage. It works as a self-contained unit where plants get all the nutrients in right quantities and also get ideal growing conditions. You can control not just temperatures but also light and humidity levels inside this structure. These are the reasons why people prefer Gorilla 8X8 grow tent. It allows them to grow almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables inside their rooms or terraces.


Easy to move from one place to another

Gorilla 8 x 8 Grow Tent – 10% Discount for Limited Period weighs only 76 pounds. It comes inside a packing with all the accessories that you can use to set it up in any room you want. It has the support of metallic poles to make it sturdy under all weather conditions. You get direct access through doors to take care of your tender plants. There are 8 electric ports and 14 ducting ports available with this grow tent.