3 Of The Best Earbuds Under 100 Dollars

There are many quality earbuds out there, and best of all they don’t cost a lot of money. In fact, you can find them for under a hundreds dollars. Here’s a few of the best earbuds under 100 that you may be interested in getting.

Shure SE215
If you’re looking for earbuds under $100, then look no further than these. They offer amazing sound quality and they are comfortable to wear. Not only that, but they have a cable that can detach and they will remain in place thanks to the memory wire cable. Best of all, they are durable, so you can rest assure they will last a longtime to come.

Another good pair of earbuds you can purchase for under $100 are the Sony MDR-XB90EX earbuds, which are bass-head friendly, comfortable to wear and have good noise isolation. When you put them on your ears, they should fit tightly, which ensures they will remain in place. However, they don’t feature in-line controls, but that’s alright because they are durable, reliable and stylish, but more importantly they produce quality sound.

ThinkSound MS01
Last on our list is the ThinkSound MS01, which have a great frequency response. This means you will enjoy excellent sound, but these earbuds have a sleek design and they are built to last. Not only that, but like the other two earbuds previously mentioned, these have good noise isolation capabilities and it comes with a tangle-free cable. If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that are durable and ones that you can wear virtually anywhere, included while exercising, then you’ll want to consider getting the ThinkSound MS01 earbuds.

Those are the best earbuds under 100 dollars. Any one of them is a good buy. Go ahead and compare each one again before deciding which one to buy.