Impatto Ad Campaign: Get Ready to Embrace Fiat 500

Impatto is the marketing agency roped in by Fiat in America when it entered the country after a gap of 25 years. The first car that Fiat launched after its entry in the USA in 2011 was Fiat 500, a car that was being produced in Italy since 1957. This small but powerful car is a compact one that looks sporty and packs a punch when it comes to power and mileage. But luring the young generation of Americans when they had so many options from competitors was a tough task for Fiat. The company relied on the creativity and expertise of Impatto ad campaign to create a positive impression on the minds of young Americans.


Impatto, realizing the importance of symbolism, and also the need to arouse patriotism, came up with a commercial in which they alluded to Fiat 500 as a car of the future. But to relate with the American pride, they compared Fait 500 with someone who is undoubtedly the cultural icon of all Americans. They first showed the original Fiat 500 driving to a movie theater and then showed Rock and Roll king Elvis Presley singing his popular song Jailbreak House from 1957. It is only rarely that a legend comes along. This was the message that they wanted to convey and this is the reason they chose to compare Fiat 500 with the legendary singer Elvis Presley. Impatto ad campaign proved to be a roaring success as it struck a chord of national pride with the Americans. It was masterstroke for Impatto to have insinuated similarities between Elvis Presley, the youth and cultural icon for millions of Americans, and Fiat 500.


Fiat partnered with Impatto after this initial ad for a long time and allowed this marketing agency to promote its cars in North America.