Some Of The Best Homemade Flea Spray For House

Are you searching for the best homemade flea spray for house? If yes then you have reached to the destination as we have 2 home remedies that can help.

  1. You can find lots of methods but this is better to use herbal products that are safe. You can try out making a solution to spray in infected area. You have to get 4lt vinegar in 2lt of water and then add 500ml of lemon juice or you can take lemon extract to get started. The last thing is 250ml witch hazel but makes sure to mix it well otherwise the solution won’t work.
  2. The other method to make homemade flea spray for house is with lemon. You just need to slice lemon thinly but try to keep in mind that if you don’t slice very thin that it won’t provide same benefit. Now, boil some water and put the lemon inside to keep on mixing in the water. As the water start boiling, wait for few seconds and you find that water is about to come out then stop.

Now this is the time to pour the solution in a bottle to spray and start working. Clean all the area first and vacuum cleaner will be ready to lend a hand in it. Make sure to spray to damper the area little bit but this will soak up in little time. Don’t worry and keep on going until house, furniture, sofas and petting beds are sprayed. It will take little time in getting the benefit but it will work for sure.

Moreover; you can find other homemade flea spray for house too but try to check out little bit about their working and effectiveness so that you don’t waste time in such works.

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